The Old House where I grew up. Now just a memory.
I was born in the south of Ireland in a house near a small town called Rathvilly in County Carlow in the year of 1952. At the age of five I moved to a small farm which was owned by my grandparents in a place called Kilbranish, a district 3 miles from Bunclody in County Wexford. I remained there until I reached the age of 17.  In the summer of 1969 I left Ireland and headed for London. Apart from a few years I lived in Dublin in the 70’s I never returned. 

Since then, I have lived in London, Antwerpen, and Amsterdam. In 1978 I joined TIME Magazine at their international office in Amsterdam on a short part time contract. My intention was to earn enough money to go to the country where my heart had been set on since I was a boy, America.

Three houses, a Dutch wife, two kids and sixteen years later, Time Warner and I parted ways in 1994. I never did get to live in America but thanks to all my years with TIME Warner they gave me the opportunity to travel the world extensively and especially in America.

In 1994 I then started my own consulting business where I consulted to TIME Magazine in London, Tampa & New York offices. (my old employer), Fortune Magazine in Hong Kong, Middle East Airlines in Beruit, Hilton Hotel Group in London and for a crazy Polish Television station called WIZJA TV. in Warzaw Poland and Maidstone, England.

In 2001 I got divorced and I threw the office and corporate world in the bin and went after my other great love since I had since I was a boy. Cowboys &  Horses, For the next six years I had one of the greatest periods of my life. On a small ranch in Rijkevorsel, Belgium we were working, training, breeding, transporting quarter horses for the western sport of Reining.  Traveling around Europe & America donned in hat, boots and spurs living every boys dream.

In December 2006 we closed down our Quarter Horse ranch operations and moved back to Amsterdam.  Oh!, (before I forget) in 2003, I remarried another Dutch girl in Lander, Wyoming (Dutch girls are cool) 

I currently live with my wife Maria (Mieke), in Landsmeer, a small village just outside Amsterdam  close to my two children Meagan and Shane and the new love of my life, my grandson Liam

I am still involved  in the Western sport of Reining and I am a life long member of the American Quarter Horse Association (A.Q.H.A) and I am a qualified F.E.I. steward

I am also a stalwart supporter for the preservation and freedom of the wild mustangs in America and the two types of people I hate the most in life are liars and cheats. I also rant a lot.


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In the words of my Grandfather. “ Pat, you're a horse of a chap but you can't shite walking”

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