pat alone wyoming
mieke mooij
Patrick Norris July 2012

My wife Mieke. Still with me. Don’t know why.


Am either sleeping or on the cell phone

Lander, Wyoming. Cowboy Country


Miek’s back in her modeling days.

megs at defon

My daughter Meagan & my son Shane

liam 2

And not forgetting my main man... My grandson Liam. He started walking this week. June 1st, 2014 . It’s hilarious watching him finding his balance.

Blink the bink

Good old Blinker. No longer with us. Still miss him


Tess. Also departed

cover photo you'll never amount to anything

Me with my grandfather. I think I was around 5 or 6. Only photo I got as a kid. Cameras were scarce in Ireland in the 50’s


Out of all the horses I had this was the king. Quarter horse SR LIL PEPPY SPRAT. (Peppy San Badger) I bought him as a two year old in Murray, Kentucky in 2000. A multi prize winner of trophies and thousands of of dollars, he sadly  passed away last year. 

whiz in the flowers

KS Whizaway. (Topsail Whiz) He had more potential talent than Peppy but a nightmare to train. Bought him in Oklahoma as a two year old in 2000. He is now living out his old days at his new home in the Czech Repuplic.

ford 250

My pride and joy back in our horsey days. We covered most of Europe with this boy. Dogs in the back, horses in the trailer, sun shining, cool box full and George Strait keeping me awake behind the wheel.... miss those days. 


Peppy was 10 years old when he made this run at the F.E.I. World Championship in 2008. There are very few reining horses performing at that age in the Reining sport. He really was something special (score 221)

Liam world cup

My grandson Liam getting ready for his first World Cup. Come on Holland

liam and tim

Father & Son having a relaxing late breakfast in the sun.



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