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Catholic Church and it’s Sheep.

If I was in a plane and suddenly the pilot roars out that he has just lost all of his engines, yours truly is going to pray like a pope while I am on my way down to the hereafter. (whatever that is?). This realization proves that no matter what happens in one’s later life, that the things you were taught in your childhood are very important. The knowledge that I would pray also pisses me off no end. I was born and was brought up a Catholic.  I followed them religiously, not because I wanted to, but because I had no choice. At the age of seventeen when I left the nest I quickly came to my own conclusions about these people. 

I happened to come across a book during the week which is a true story about the priests who molested and abused younger boys and girls back in the 60’s and 70’s in Ireland. The book is called “Sworn to Silence “and was written by Brendan Boland. I have also featured this book and its author here on my site.
This got me thinking back to my younger days living in Ireland back in the 50’s and 60’s in a small town in the county of Wexford. What do these men in black actually do besides giving poor folk a false hope that when people die that they will go to a better place? I find this so hard to believe as I watch a few strong men lower a family member or friend down into the ground in a wooden box. I find it hard to think,

“Oh! Goodie, they are now in a better place and much better off, I can hardly wait.”

I seem to remember that there were three or four priests in my town. They lived off of the people in a huge house in the middle of town. At the back of the house they ran a large vegetable garden where they sold their veggies to the townie folk and to some country folk who were too bloody lazy to grow their own.  They had money collections, ran shows and many other excuses to get money from the hard working people. They lived like kings. Many people couldn’t afford a car in those days, but they had one, a new one.  As a child in church I used to think it was funny when some weird man stuck a wooden box under my nose for us to drop money in. I never did.

That whole mass thing was the most boring hours of my life each Sunday.  In the beginning they used to have the mass in Latin and everyone just muttered on in words they didn’t know or understand, or seemed to care. Then they tried to spice up the mass a little. (their audiences were falling).  They did it in English (after a shit load of communication with the local bishop). They even got the local would be, and upcoming artists to drop in and sing a song while some other dipstick played on his guitar in the background.  A sort of “You’ve Got Talent” show.

I remember the priests coming to our house, eating from the best plate, drinking from the best mug or glass while they pocketed hard earned money from my grandparents on their way out the door. They blessed the house and all in it (okay?), and then went on their merry way to the next gullible and brainwashed poor sods. They did this routine with all the catholic houses in the county. I remember them coming to school and I my teacher making a huge deal about it. We had to be specially quiet and neat. They liked coming to the schools.  Only now we are finding out why
US priest John Geoghan
I really cannot understand how, and why so many people believe in these people. I can understand people believing in something in the hereafter, I guess they want to, as it makes life, and living more bearable. It’s not a coincidence that most of the believers are poor and from the lower classes. Oh! Yes, we do have rich dicks and their wives, and their two brats attend mass, but they do it for other reasons. I guess we all want to believe in something, even though deep down we probably know that there is nothing. One of my hates for these people is that they use that human weakness to play on the people. They have actually convinced the poor masses of people around the world that there is something better after death. They also preach that the Catholic Church was/is the one and only true faith, all the rest are just a inferior bunch. They make a living from this, it’s their job. 

I remember once that a five year old boy got killed by falling under the tractor that his father was driving. Here is a sentence from the priests comforting chat to the people, family and friends. 

Ah well, maybe it’s all for the better, we will never know how he was going to turn out as a man, its god’s will”

These bastards have been feeding off of the people for centuries all over the world and it still baffles me that so many people still believe in them and follow them. I see it all the time where so many people are praying for this, praying for that, no matter what tragedy or destruction happens they go for the prayer. This of course goes to show the power of the Catholic Church over the years. How they have indoctrinated all this codswallop into our brain that without thinking we react with a prayer. I really don’t understand the people who follow these bastards. They pray, go to church, they talk about God as if they know him. Then in their actual lives they do everything that their god forbids them.

On a Saturday night they go into a church, jump into a large wooden hut, slide open a small window, and sputters out all their sins (whatever they are?) to some git dressed in a black cloak whom they can’t see. They then come out, kneel for a few minutes doing their so called penance? and half an hour later they are down in the local bar, getting pissed while trying to get their hand up under the dresses of someone else’s poor god forsaken wife.  Are people really that stupid?  Like, if you believe that you have done something wrong in the eyes of your God, why would you do it again? Doesn’t make sense, unless….. YES… 

The church want you to do it again. Otherwise that whole catholic thing has no meaning. You wouldn’t have to go to mass all the time, give money or go to confession. They want you to be a bad person and break all their laws so that they can then come to you at the last minute and clean you so that you are prepared for that better place in the hereafter. Just trying to get my head around the craziness of this leaves me speechless. (well almost). Actually I read somewhere lately that in the certain places in America they were now looking at the possibility of people making their confessions via the internet. YES. I love it. This was probably a joke but....?

Then again, maybe it makes it easier for people to go through life. No matter what happens or what they do, they have the ace up their sleeve... the great man himself.  Everything that happens in their lives is God’s will so that’s okay then. What a way to go through life. After we have all seen what these people have been up to for the last 100 years and what they have done to the children and still do, it makes me so angry that this establishment still exists. People say that it is just the priests fault and that the church is above all this, and that we shouldn’t blame the church. Here we go again. Lets shove the blame somewhere else. The church breeds these people, and have held their hands over their priests and bishops heads protecting them for years. The church is as much to blame as the creeps who represent it, and then some. 

Thousands of people’s lives have been destroyed by them and they still won’t admit to it. Even worse, they have used their power to try and cover it up. It wasn’t only the priests; the nuns were just as bad. Think of the absurdity of all this. We, the people have to confess to them all the things we believe we have done wrong and ask THEM for their forgiveness. There are also thousands of people who still stand by these creeps, not only their bishops or the man in Rome, but normal people (or sheep as I call them). They give such excuses like
“They couldn’t help it, they didn’t mean it, they have done so much for us all.” 
Sorry, my head hasn’t the capacity to absorb this bullshit

I have never been abused or touched by them but I hate them for the fact that by the use of their power and brainwashing of my grandparents that I would still pray like a maniac, if my plane un-expectantly drops out of the sky. Hopefully it will never happen and I can die an old man, peacefully in my sleep and I will go to my own place in the hereafter. No church and no priests.

I am also sure that this blog will offend millions of people around the world. To them I say,
      “If you believe in something, continue to do so regardless, and good luck to you all, everyone to their own, but please stop trying to convince me, and everybody else of your beliefs, and that you know the real truth. Just let me believe, or not believe. Don’t talk about the CC or the people who represent it.  In other words, SHUT UP” 

Catholic Church abuse scandals

- A priest, named only as Andreas L, admitted in 2012 to 280 counts of sexual abuse involving three boys over a decade
United States - Revelations about abuses in the 1990s by two Boston priests, Paul Shanley and John Geoghan, caused public outrage
Belgium - The bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, resigned in April 2010 after admitting that he had sexually abused a boy for years
Italy - The Catholic Church in Italy admitted in 2010 that about 100 cases of paedophile priests had been reported over 10 years
Ireland - A report in 2009 found that sexual and psychological abuse was "endemic" in Catholic-run industrial schools and orphanages for most of the 20th century   



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