While I was preparing to write about my true life growing up in rural Ireland back in the 50’s and 60’s the plot for this book “Trails of a Lonely Heart” came to me while I was on a long trip home from a Reining show in Germany. I wrote this book in around three months, and after much research I eventually found a publisher in New York which became my worst nightmare.
Trails of a Lonely Heart - Real photo from Wyoming
In total contradiction to their signed contracts and promises, they put the book out on sale without ever proof reading it, or editing, and they never informed me that it was on sale until a friend of mine found it on Amazon and other Internet stores. They also put it on sale with the incorrect title. Instead of “Trails of a Lonely Heart” they named it “Trials of a Lonely Heart”. They changed this after four months of being on sale. That was in 2009. My contract expired in December 2012 but up to this day, I can't get them to take it off of the market as I want to get it edited correctly. They haven’t answered an email or phone call for over three years.

Shops wouldn't accept this book in Ireland  because of the sexual content, and I couldn't find anyone in my local town to let me hold a small autograph signing. They also wouldn't accept it on their local Internet site or give me a link. In short, my first writing experience had become a bit of a disappointment. It also didn’t go down well in parts of America because of the sexual content.  At least this taught me a large lesson. I had aimed my book at the western reader audience but my characters had lots of hot explicit sex, and they swore a lot. If one is going to write a novel aimed at a certain audience then it is ultra-important that you know that audience. This raises the question should we write to suit the tastes of the audience or should we just write our story, and let the book in its own right choose the audience?. Food for thought.

It also proves to me that the Catholic Church and their brainwashed followers are still alive and well.  These hypocrites have been around for thousands of years regardless whether they live in America, Ireland or any other parts of the world. They never cease to amaze me. I don’t have a problem that a reader dislikes a particular book genre, or that it contains language or sexual content that offends them. That is their right, but who are the Catholic Church to tell or order other individuals what is good for them or what they should read or watch on TV. Just looking at what they have been up to all these years they should be ashamed to even voice to us about good and evil or heaven or hell. I would pay a dollar or two to have a peep at all their Internet browsing history over the years. I have very strong views about this lot, but that is a complete book of it’s own.... maybe one day.

The good news is that I am currently revamping this story and it will be coming out again under a new title, and a new cover. I am currently in negotiation with a new publisher for release in 2015. If you want the steamy version, its still on sale at Amazon but please remember that I have not received one cent for sales of this novel since it went on sale, so if you do buy it, you are only filling the pockets of the cheating and lying publisher.

Let this also be a lesson to all would be writers. Tread softly when choosing a publisher and don’t get ripped off by liars and cheats who call themselves Raider Publishing International, and also keep your book away from the men in black (and I am not referring to Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith).    

Synopsis  Trails of a Lonely HeartTrails Cover feb 18 2010

Wyatt Dillon was born and reared in the Leinster Mountains in Ireland. At the end of the 1960’s he immigrated to America to follow his dream of being a cowboy. Many years later he found himself back in his home town in Ireland where he was hired to track down four vicious and brutal men who had kidnapped his former sweetheart Maria Larimore and her son Brad, and had taken them in to the bitter cold and dangerous mountains. On the back of his favourite and trusted mountain horse Smokie, using all his experience and cunning, Wyatt follows the deadly trail which was littered by bodies of innocent men. Could he get there in time before the winter cold, or the kidnappers, killed his former sweetheart. Where was his old friend Shane, and Maria’s husband, Jack Travelion? Would his beautiful young wife Mandy wait for him back in Wyoming? Those were the questions that went through his mind as he finally comes face to face with the kidnapping killers. 

Trails of a Lonely Heart
The Forgotten Boy
Pattern Five - One in a Million
Een in een Miljoen  (Dutch version of Pattern Five - One in a Million)
Pattern Five - True Bloodlines
Murphy Lends a Hand (this is the working title)




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