Trails of a Lonely Heart
The Forgotten Boy
Pattern Five - One in a Million
Een in een Miljoen  (Dutch version of Pattern Five - One in a Million)
Pattern Five - True Bloodlines
Murphy Lends a Hand (this is the working title)


In the Pattern Five series I created a character called Jimmy Murphy who became very popular with my readers. Some time ago I came up with a plot for this character in a spin-off novel called Murphy Lends a Hand. This is the working title only as when it comes to publishing time this may change.

The short synopsis of the story is that Murphy gets a call from an old friend called Jake who lives in Wexford, Ireland. A few days earlier Jakes friend Rory had died from an accident, but Jake is suspicious and calls Murphy to see if he has the time to come and take a look around. Like a lot of my stories it will be set around the counties of Carlow & Wexford and especially in and around Bunclody. 

This just a mock up cover. Will not be used for actual cover. My thanks to Daniel Day Lewis for the use of this photo


Murphy Lends a Hand

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